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Rules for FREE sites:
No illegal porn (CP, Zoo, Rape), No illegal content
No consoles, no dialers ever, no banner farms and any other kind of bullshit
No viruses in any their modifycations (Autobookmarks, Autohomepages, etc)
No Java scripts (excluding onmouseover)
Please, use good servers. If my bot will find your server down 5 or more times, your sites will be removed from list.
Do NOT remove link-back to me after submission! I have a bot. It surfs on submitted sites and checks their status. It is very inteligent and makes his own decisions about "cheaters".
Do not submit single gallery. This is not a TGP. This is Links to real sites.
Don't submit dynamic Web Pages (PHP,CGI, etc).
Category reciprocal link is Required. (See here for reciprocal links).
Place the reciprocal link to my site on your Warning page.
The page with my recipocal link and without any other recipocal links will be rejected.
Free site must contain minimum 20 pictures (OR minimum 12 movies, 120 sec) in at least 2 galleries. This is the default rule for the most number Link Lists.
NO missleading links, i.e. thumbnail linked to sponsor.
I accept "onmouseover" JS code to hide referral links. But it should hide only referal code - not the destination.
No new windows (target="_blank", target="_new", target="_bleeep" etc.)
FPA is accepted only after content
The content must be on the same domain as the site.
Free e-mail addresses don't allowed.
Only english language sites acceptable.
No subdomains. Only real domains.
Do not put our recip with linklists that have more than 2 links in the recip.
Only one domain is allowed in recip of other linklists (Only domain of linklist is allowed).

Rules for PAY sites:

I can add your paysites to my linklists, contact me by ICQ 101306875.

Rules for BLOGS sites:

We accept free hosted blogs. You must put good text link to our index page or to category from your blog.


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